Thursday, November 17, 2011

Joust: Heroes of the Lists MCon 2011 Tournament of York

Well, Joust:  Heroes of the Lists is out and I am very happy to have been given a chance to work on a project that I really enjoy.

I ran a couple of games of Joust at MCon this year.    I am going to miss MCon and all the great guys at Lone Star Historical Miniatures since I am moving.  I do look forward to playing games with new friends in Colorado.

Here are a few pics of the Tournament of York

 Sir Geoffrey and Sir Sigmund run a course.

 Sir Gunter and Sir thomas charge down the tilt!

 The Vespers Tournament on Friday night.

 The Tournament of York on Saturday!

 Sir Sigmund and Sir Piers in the Clash phase.

The game played great and everyone really had a great time.  Everyone picked up on the rules really quick and we played through the tournament twice just for fun.

I hope to find some guys in Colorado Springs to break some lances against.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Star Wars MDRG

I broke out the big figs and played a game of Mutants and Death Ray Guns.

On the Outer Rim planet of Tatooine, a squad of Sandtroopers is ordered to check a local moisture farm for some missing droids.   Unbeknownst to the Sandtroopers, a Chevin gangster is using the remote farm to have a clandestine meeting with a group of Nitko pirates.  As the Imps approach all hell breaks loose.

The Sandies...

The Outlaws...

The Moisture Farm...

The Dewback charges after Sarge drops one of the Nitko pirates getting a fallen result.

He is using the big gun affectionally known as the Mos Eisley broom.  It uses the shotgun rules.

The gangster's bodyguard and one of the troopers trade fire.

The Arcona  slips around and blasts one of the Imps.

The Dewback mauls the downed Nitko pirate.

A stormie jumps out and guns down the Pirate Captain.

His loyal crew makes a run for it.


Witch Hunter Campaign
After defeating the witch Elise and her pumpkin minions, Barnabas and his band discover that she was obtaining bones for use in her magic from a nefarious grave robber named Fabian Rostenberg and his assistant Big Karl.  The heroes set out for the graveyard to bring Rostenberg to justice.
Fabian Rostenberg Grave Robber
Q3+ C3
Assassin, Leader, Traps
                                                                                                                      Big Karl
                                                                                                                      Q4+  C4
                                                                                                         Fearless, Protect, Slow
Grave Golem 
Q4+  C4
Artificial, Big, Slow, Tough, Undead               

                 Q6+  C4
                 Short move, Slow, Undead
The witch hunters approach the graveyard
Combat is joined!   The slow moving zombies shamble forward. 
The Grave Robber pushes his forces into the fray.
Barnabas fires point blank at a zombie with no effect.
Brutus the war dog rushes to Father Guido’s aid.
Big Karl clobbers Manfred and Father Guido is ripped apart by the Grave Golem in a gruesome kill.
The Witch Hunters head for the hills!  


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sample cover for Joust Heroes of the Lists

I did a sample cover for joust Heroes of the Lists.  I am really having a great time with this right now.  The games plays really well and is fun.  I am hoping to run this at Mcon in Austin this year.

Joust Example of Play

I just finished an example of play for Joust- Heroes of the Lists.  Here it is:

Sample Joust
To conclude we present a sample joust.  In this joust we pit Sir Ector against Sir Roland.  Sir Ector bears a red dragon with a red bar above it as his heraldry and Sir Roland bears a black lion rampant beneath a blue bar.  For simplicity’s sake we will make them identical in Attributes, and neither will have a Signature.
  • Martial Skill 4
  • Prowess 4
  • Horsemanship 4
  • Bonus Dice 12

Kick Phase
Both knights set up at the ends of the tilt on opposite sides.  The turn starts with the Kick Phase.  
  • Sir Ector declares he is going to move at a Run.  
  • Sir Roland declares he is going to move at a Gallop.
  • Sir Ector rolls 4 dice for Horsemanship and adds two Bonus Dice for a total of 5 successes and moves at a Run
  • Sir Roland rolls 4 dice for Horsemanship and get 3 successes and moves at a Gallop.
Charge Phase
Both knights move partway down the tilt as they move into the Charge Phase.  Here they will line up the lance and position themselves in the saddle and set their shields.
  • Sir Ector rolls 4 dice for Martial Skill, and 3 Bonus Dice.  He subtracts 1 die because he is moving at a run.  So he rolls 6 dice.  He gets 3 successes and 4 auto successes are added for his Horsemanship, for a total of 7 successes.  
  • Sir Roland rolls 4 dice for his Martial Skill and 4 Bonus Dice.  He rolls 5 successes and add 4 auto successes for Horsemanship totaling 9 successes.
  • Sir Roland has scored 2 more successes than Sir Ector and so has lined up for a good angle of attack.
Clash Phase
The knights are moved next to each other across the tilt.  In the Clash Phase the impact occurs.  
  • Sir Ector rolls 4 dice for his Prowess and decides to roll 5 Bonus Dice he gets 7 successes and add 4 for martial Skill for a total of 11 successes.
  • Sir Roland rolls 4 dice for Prowess and rolls 4 Bonus Dice.  He rolls rolls 2 successes  and add 4 for Martial Skill and 1 for having a good angle of attack for 7 successes.  
  • Sir Ector wins by 3 or more successes, and delivers a Solid Blow.  
Hit Location and Damage.  
  • Sir Ector rolls 2d6 and strikes Sir Roland on the Shield.  
  • Sir Ector rolls 4 dice for Prowess, he add 1 die for moving at a Run.  He rolls 2 successes and adds 1 for the Solid Blow for a total of 3 successes.
  • Sir Ector breaks a lance scoring 1 point and Sir Roland is Battered and has -1 Prowess.
  • Sir Ector has spent 10 Bonus Dice.  He rolls them and scores three successes.  theses are added to his unspent pool giving him 5 Bonus Dice remaining.
  • Sir Roland spent 8 Bonus Dice he rolls them and scores 2 successes, added back to the pool of 4 for a total of 6 Bonus Dice remaining.
  • The knights are returned to their end of the tilt and prepare to run another course.
Kick Phase 2
  • Both knights declare they are going to move at a gallop.
  • Sir Ector rolls 4 dice for Horsemanship and scores 4 successes and move at a Gallop.
  • Sir Roland rolls 4 dice for horsemanship and subtracts 1 for being battered.  He scores 1 success and he must roll to find the speed the horse.  He rolls a 1 and the horse moves at a Run. 
Charge Phase 2
  • Sir Ector rolls 4 dice for Martial Skill and rolls 2 Bonus Dice. He gets 3 successes.
  • Sir Roland roll 4 dice for Martial skill and 3 Bonus Dice.  He subtracts 1 for being Battered and 1 for moving at a Run.  He scores 2 successes.
  • Sir Ector has scored 1 more success and makes a clumsy sweeping attack. 
Clash Phase 2
  • Sir Ector rolls 4 dice for prowess and uses his remaining 4 Bonus Dice plus 1 die for the Sweep Attack.  He scores 4 successes and add 4 successes for his Martial Skill for a total of 8 successes.
  • Sir Roland rolls 3 dice for his Prowess (reduced in last course) and rolls his 3 remaining Bonus Dice.  He subtracts 1 for being Battered, and scores 0 successes.  He add 4 successes for his Martial Skill 
  • Sir Ector wins by 3 or more successes and scores another solid blow!
Hit Location and Damage
  • Sir Ector rolls a 6 on the Hit Location table striking Sir Roland in the chest.
  • Sir Ector rolls 4 dice for his Prowess and must subtract 1 for his clumsy Sweeping Attack.  He scores 1 success and breaks a lance scoring 1 point.  He now leads 2 to 0.
  • Sir Ector rolls his 5 spent Bonus Dice and  scores 1 success.  He will only have 1 Bonus Die to run the final course.
  • Sir Roland rolls his 6 spent Bonus Dice and recovers 4 of them.  He’s gonna need them.   
Kick Phase 3
  • Sir Ector declares he is moving at a Gallop. He rolls 4 dice for his Horsemanship.  He scores 1 success, he must roll to find the speed the horse.  He rolls a 5 and the horse moves at a Trot. 
  • Sir Roland declares a Gallop and rolls 4 dice for his Horsemanship but must subtract 1 for being Battered.  He gets  successes and moves at a Gallop.
Charge Phase 3
  • Sir Ector rolls 4 dice for his Martial Skill, he uses his last Bonus Die and adds 1 die for moving at a Trot.  He rolls 3 successes and add 4 successes for his Horsemanship for a total of 7 successes.  
  • Sir Roland rolls 4 dice for his Martial Skill and 2 Bonus Dice, he subtracts 1 die for being Battered.  He scores 3 successes for a total of 7.  
  • The knights have scored the same number of successes so there is no modifier in the Clash Phase.
Clash Phase 3
  • Sir Ector rolls 4 dice for his Prowess and gets 3 successes, he adds 4 successes for his Martial Skill for a total of 7
  • Sir Roland rolls 3 dice for his current Prowess and his last 2 Bonus Dice, he subtracts 1 for being Battered.  He rolls 2 successes and adds his 4 for Martial Skill for a total of 6 successes.
  • Sir Ector has won by only 1 success so both knights strike each other and ignore modifiers for Horse Speed.

Hit Location and Damage
  • Sir Ector rolls 2d6 on the Hit Location table and scores a 10 striking Sir Roland’s shield.
  • Sir Roland rolls a 6, a hit on Sir Ector’s chest.  
  • Sir Ector rolls 4 dice for his Prowess and scores 2 successes, breaking a lance and causing another Battered result which has no further effect.  he score 1 point and that brings his total to 3.
  • Sir Roland rolls 3 dice for his current prowess. He scores 2 successes and breaks a lance he causes a Battered results and a -2 reduction in Sir Ector’s Prowess.
End of the Joust
The joust is over and Sir Ector is the victor with 3 lances to 1.  Both knights will recover from being Battered and Attribute reductions.  Both will recover all Bonus Dice before their next Joust.
Sir Ector gains 12 Fame points and gets 1200 gold Florins from Sir Roland.  
* Just a note;  With 1 more success on the Damage Table Sir Roland would have unhorsed Sir Ector for a great comeback!   

Sunday, June 5, 2011


I have had a really busy few months. I have done some gaming, and some painting, but not a bunch of posting.  One thing that I have been working on is a Jousting game.  I decided to base it on the newest version of Red Sand Blue Sky (Legends of the Arena) from Two Hour Wargames.  Here is a quick first look.  I decided to use some large figures from Papo, Safari, and Schleich.

I did dozens of play-test jousts using Red and Blue GamesWorkshop Bretonian Knights.  Then with the near finished project I opted for the large figures.

The first contender was Sir Harald von Lowenburg.  In blue and yellow with a black lion as his heraldry.

The challenger was Sir Guy d'Anjou.  His heraldry was red with three gold fleur d'lis and inverted chevrons.

 Both took their places at opposite ends of the Tilt.  The first phase is the kick phase where the horses speed is determined. in this case both knights ended up moving at a run.  This will modify rolls in other phases.

The knights charged down the List,  and the Charge Phase was next. here the knight jockey for position and try to line up for the best strike.  Sir Harald had three more successes than sir Guy and so gained tow auto successes in the next phase.

The knights meet in the center of the List and lances are Splintered in the Clash Phase.  Despite the two successes he gained in the Charge Phase Sir Harald rolls poorly and gets a result of 1 more success than opponent.  Both knights roll on the Hit Location Chart and both roll a "6".  They hit each other in the chest.  Both are unhorsed, but Sir Guy also receives a result of bloodied.  Both score 5 points for unhorsing an opponent and both could remount and run another course.  However, Sir Guy decided to withdraw due to his injury.  Sir Harald gains 2 points for the withdraw and has a total of seven points.  He gains 1,000 florins for the horse and arms of his opponent and gets 10 Fame points.     

Both knights being unhorsed is a little unusual, and sometimes all three courses will be run.  This is really fun and I am considering running it at Mcon this year.  


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Time Flies!

Wow, I really let time get away from me.  It has been pretty busy at work and home in recent weeks.
The good news is in a couple of weeks things should be back to normal.

I did find some great deals on some Darkest Africa stuff and even got most of it painted.  I am going to put them on the table for some Flying Lead action soon. 

Steve and I got in another day of gaming and our Hundred Years War campaign is rocking along.  Brittany got to fight a Free Company and took on the English in a slightly larger battle.  We are using Days of Knights rules by Chipco modified just a bit.  The map is from the boardgame Joan of Arc. 

 This is where we picked up from last time we played.  There are three turns a year Spring, Summer, and Fall. 

Steve sets up his army for the big battle. 

Brittany and a Free Company get stuck in. 

The battle lines close in for the crunch.  In the end Brittany could not pull it off but did come away with a bit of prestige for the capture of one of the English personalities.  No territory was gained however.       

The map at the end of the day after all the sieges and battles.  The forces are now spread all around France and the struggles for power and control  will begin in earnest.  

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Painting, Painting, and even more Painting

I spent my weekend painting up some Darkest Africa stuff.  I finished (except bases) my British soldiers and Sikh soldiers.  Some Tribal muskets and bows are nearly complete.  Still need to finish the Ruga Ruga and villagers and porters.

The Belgians are done and so are the Ngoni.    I need to get my hands on some Zanzibari and a few Baluchi to round out my Slaver/Mercenary force. And some Askari for the British.

I am going to try them all out using Flying Lead in the very near future

Saturday, February 12, 2011

SBH Witch Hunter game

I played a a game of SBH using a Witch Hunter Warband and Witch and her pumpkin themed minions.

This was sort of inspired from the Savage Worlds Solomon Kane game and Witch Hunter the Invisible World.

Dramatis Personae:

                                                        The Witch Hunters

Barnabas Thorne  (Witchfinder)

Q 3+   C5
Fearless, Leader, Paladin, Shooter: Medium

Manfred von Griffenburg

Q 3+  C4
Combat Master, Shooter Medium

Constable Jacob Hanby

Q 4+  C3

Brutus (Watchdog)

Q 4+ C3

Father Guido Sarducchi

Q 4+ C3

Pitor Sergeiovich Kandinsky

Q 4+ C4
Sharpshooter, Shooter: Long

                                                       Elise the Witch and her Pumpkin Minions
Elise the Witch

Q 3+  C2
Flying, Leader, Magic-User

Pumpkin Minions

Q 4+ C3
Artificial, Entangle, Slow

Rotpatch the Pumpkin Golem

Q 4+  C4
Artificial, Big, Slow, Tough

Pumpkin Swarm

Q 3+  C0
Free Disengage, Short Move, Swarm

The brave band of witch hunters sets out to investigate claims that a witch living in an abandoned tower is blighting crops in the area.  The group is traveling  down the road under the shadows of the tower near a small farm.  They spot some animated pumpkins and a large pumpkin golem in the distance.  

The Witch Hunters win initiative and continue down the road toward the tower. 

 Pitor jumps the wall into the vineyard and the Pumpkin Swarm closes in on him.  

Elise flies down from the tower on her broom and the minions fail to act once out from under her watchful eyes.

Pitor takes careful aim at the approaching golem and rolls three failures.  The flint has come loose on his musket,  the pumpkin swarm closes in on him and gets ready attack him.   Constable Jacob Hanby rushes to his aid destroying a swarm of pumpkins and brandishing axe and torch chases the other swarm off after they fail 2 of 3 morale dice.  

Barnabas moves to close the distance to the witch and take a shot at her,  he manages to move closer but the shot misses and strikes the rocks near her.  Manfred closes the distance with the golem.  The dog Brutus stops and sniffs the air.  

Elise moves to aid her creation Rotpatch and attempts to summon tendrils from the earth to transfix Brutus but his quickness saves him.

The pumpkin minions move down the hill except for one which seems to have no desire join in the fray.  
Brutus growls and rushes Elise grabbing her arm in his jaws scoring a knocked down result.  Barnabas charges forward and strikes the witches head from her shoulders.  Rotpatch seeing the death of Elise turns to flee and is knocked down by Manfred.  The pumpkin minions fail morale and run off the board or disintegrate into a pile of vegetable material.   The last swarm bounces and rolls into the distance.

 Manfred hacks Rotpatch to pieces as he writhes on the ground.  The Witch Hunters have exacted justice on a nefarious witch and her evil minions.  Perhaps now the crops will prosper and a cold hungry winter can be avoided.  

Epilogue:  The heroes search the witches tower and find thirty pieces of gold.  Exploring the area they come across a magic well.  Barnabas is against the idea but Manfred convinces him that it is a blessed well and they each throw a coin in.  It seems that they wasted 6 good coins since Constable Hanby tossed one in for Brutus.  

The farmer who lived next to the tower came out of hiding and told the Hunters that he saw the Grave-digger from the local town along with a big fellow, visiting the witch on several occasions.   Barnabas guesses he must be supplying her with bones to cast her spells.  The Hunters decide to head into Lindorf to pay a visit to the Grave-digger.