Saturday, April 6, 2013

Settled in to the new Man Cave

Well it took a few months but I am now settled in the new Man Cave.  So I thought I would add a few Pics.  The new lair is pretty good size and has a pool table that I use as a gaming table or I can set up my 4x4 table.

I have a television video gaming area, and an attached office and full bath.  I have a stocked mini fridge and plenty of cabinet space for game and terrain storage.  I am really lucky to have this kind of space.  What a change from playing in my barn in the Texas heat a few years ago.

Playing Song of Lilies and Lions

Playing a game  of Song of Lilies and Lions.  Had some time this weekend, sort of a long weekend and so wanted to get in a few games.  I was playing a Cry Havoc! scenario using the SoBH home-brew Lilies and Lions.  Here are a couple of pics