Saturday, March 23, 2013

I am gearing up for some flying lead using GI Joe type action figures.  I thought I would post some examples of the figures and stats.

Some of the figures are quite inexpensive I got some for about $2.00.  I have a set of large sticks that I also use when playing Flying Lead Star Wars with action figures.  I have a bunch more of these done.  I use Comic Life to make the sheets.

I may play a game of this next week and post a battle report.  

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Return to gaming!

After relocating to Castle Rock I am finally getting settled.  I have begun taking an interest in games again.  I am looking to start a group called Castle Rock Wargamers.  I started a new blog for it and am checking on possible venues.  There isn't a gaming store in Castle Rock as far as I can tell.  The Colorado Springs groups meet on Thursdays which is school night for me,  The Saturday group always seems had to do as well.  So I will see what I can drum up here locally.  I will provide all the games for the first few outings till we see what anyone else is interested in doing. 

I have the 100 years war stuff out and played a solo game of Days of Knights.  I painted a few more Vikings.  I am going to play some SBH in the near future.  I am looking to play some Wings of Glory with my Dad in the weeks ahead.  The new Man cave is great, I do miss the fireplace, but this one has a bathroom and is much larger.  I need to post some new photos soon.  It's good to be back, it's been too long...