Saturday, July 2, 2011

Witch Hunter Campaign
After defeating the witch Elise and her pumpkin minions, Barnabas and his band discover that she was obtaining bones for use in her magic from a nefarious grave robber named Fabian Rostenberg and his assistant Big Karl.  The heroes set out for the graveyard to bring Rostenberg to justice.
Fabian Rostenberg Grave Robber
Q3+ C3
Assassin, Leader, Traps
                                                                                                                      Big Karl
                                                                                                                      Q4+  C4
                                                                                                         Fearless, Protect, Slow
Grave Golem 
Q4+  C4
Artificial, Big, Slow, Tough, Undead               

                 Q6+  C4
                 Short move, Slow, Undead
The witch hunters approach the graveyard
Combat is joined!   The slow moving zombies shamble forward. 
The Grave Robber pushes his forces into the fray.
Barnabas fires point blank at a zombie with no effect.
Brutus the war dog rushes to Father Guido’s aid.
Big Karl clobbers Manfred and Father Guido is ripped apart by the Grave Golem in a gruesome kill.
The Witch Hunters head for the hills!  


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