Thursday, November 17, 2011

Joust: Heroes of the Lists MCon 2011 Tournament of York

Well, Joust:  Heroes of the Lists is out and I am very happy to have been given a chance to work on a project that I really enjoy.

I ran a couple of games of Joust at MCon this year.    I am going to miss MCon and all the great guys at Lone Star Historical Miniatures since I am moving.  I do look forward to playing games with new friends in Colorado.

Here are a few pics of the Tournament of York

 Sir Geoffrey and Sir Sigmund run a course.

 Sir Gunter and Sir thomas charge down the tilt!

 The Vespers Tournament on Friday night.

 The Tournament of York on Saturday!

 Sir Sigmund and Sir Piers in the Clash phase.

The game played great and everyone really had a great time.  Everyone picked up on the rules really quick and we played through the tournament twice just for fun.

I hope to find some guys in Colorado Springs to break some lances against.

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  1. Yes, great group of guys. I lived in San Antonio several years ago and had a great time.

    Are all your knights from Schleich? I see several that are in their current catalog.