Monday, June 5, 2017

Star Wars Flying Lead at Active Imagination 6/4/17

Dave, Sean, and I showed for a game on Sunday.  I acted as GM.  We played a game of Flying Lead in the Star Wars Setting.  I revisited the Dark Lord Down scenario.  Both sides moved to the crash site of a TIE X1 with a notable pilot who was injured and needed to be rescued/captured.  

Here is the table layout

Dave group moves some Stormtroopers onto the table

The Light Repeating Blaster crew set up
and starts blasting Rebel Commandos
A Stormtrooper rescues the pilot

The Commando Sgt tries to flank the Stormies and gets blasted

The Imperial support team arrives as the stormtrooper drags the pilot to safety
The Rebel Support team engages a Scout caught out of cover

The Rebel Support Team enters the fight

The Imperials download the schematics, and the Engineer rigs the TIE for demolition.

The Rebels had some early turnovers, and the Stormtroopers established a good fire-point with the Light Repeating Blaster that held off the Rebels, who suffered heavy casualties as they tried to advance.  

It was fun game.  We used action figures with large movement sticks.  Great for a squad on squad skirmish game, and it lets you swap weapons on the fly.