Monday, June 5, 2017

Star Wars Flying Lead at Active Imagination 6/4/17

Dave, Sean, and I showed for a game on Sunday.  I acted as GM.  We played a game of Flying Lead in the Star Wars Setting.  I revisited the Dark Lord Down scenario.  Both sides moved to the crash site of a TIE X1 with a notable pilot who was injured and needed to be rescued/captured.  

Here is the table layout

Dave group moves some Stormtroopers onto the table

The Light Repeating Blaster crew set up
and starts blasting Rebel Commandos
A Stormtrooper rescues the pilot

The Commando Sgt tries to flank the Stormies and gets blasted

The Imperial support team arrives as the stormtrooper drags the pilot to safety
The Rebel Support team engages a Scout caught out of cover

The Rebel Support Team enters the fight

The Imperials download the schematics, and the Engineer rigs the TIE for demolition.

The Rebels had some early turnovers, and the Stormtroopers established a good fire-point with the Light Repeating Blaster that held off the Rebels, who suffered heavy casualties as they tried to advance.  

It was fun game.  We used action figures with large movement sticks.  Great for a squad on squad skirmish game, and it lets you swap weapons on the fly.    

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Pulp Alley on 5/28/17

We played a couple of games of Pulp Alley at Active Imagination in Albuquerque.  The games were fun and once again we had a great time.  I brought stuff for an Egyptian themed table and Dave had a winter table going on.

Dave and James slugged it out in the snow

Sean and I brawled in the desert.  I had my best game yet, but Sean continued his winning streak

Next week we are going to change things up and play some Star Wars action.  

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Pulp Aley at Active Imagination 5/7/2017

Played a fun game of Pulp Alley at Active Imagination in Albuquerque on Sunday.  I brought my jungle terrain.  We played a scenario where our leagues were seeking a idol in the Amazon.  There was a league of Techno-Nazis vs a group of explorers.  The explorers just owned the game.  I got slaughtered but had a great time.  I think that is the mark of a good set of rules, if you can lose and have a great time.  The different die types reminded me of Savage Worlds.  The cards make things interesting as well.  I was doomed early on when my leader Ilsa Von Shtuup got attacked by a snake and could not figure out how the access the idol in font of her for several turns.

 The idol deep in the Amazon

Ilsa Von Shtuup watches helplessly as the explorers make off with the idol. 

Pics didn't come out very well with my iPad.  I got caught up playing and forgot to take many pics. 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Congo on 4/23

Met with the group and played Congo.  We played a multiplayer game using two sets of cards.  There were a White men  British expedition and African Kingdoms columns on one side vs.  Belgian and Forest tribes on the other. The object was for the British and African Kingdoms to destroy fetishes and capture a sorceress known as the White Witch.  

An overview of the table.  the rock formation in the center known as The Five Brothers.

 A band of young warriors and the Reporter make off with the White Witch

An askari gun battle

Had a fun time.  i am looking forward to playing some more Congo coming up.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Some Congo Fun

Here are a couple of pics from recent Congo game. 

Having a great time with this game.  I got to play Peers' Darkest Africa a couple of weekends ago and had a blast.  Great to have a few players for some Colonial Africa.

Darkest Africa game at Active Imagination.

Monday, January 23, 2017

What! I have not posted in over a year!   Man did things get away from me.  I did finish two degrees since then.  I have some new games that I have been playing.  I recently got a copy of Congo.  That had me finishing up on some painting of my Darkest Africa stuff.

I have managed to squeeze in a couple of games of Lion Rampant.  I just purchased Dragon Rampant and Black Ops.   I am getting into the  games Osprey is putting out.

I have my Reaper Miniatures Bones III Kickstarter coming soon.  More stuff to paint.

I was able to meet up with the Camino Real Gamers in Albuquerque and play a siege scenario using Lion Rampant.  They seem like a great group and I look forward to playing some more games with them.  I am looking forward to being part of a club.  There is a yearly organizational meeting next weekend  and I would imagine they will discuss plans for the new year.

I need to get back on here and post way more stuff.