Saturday, March 26, 2011

Time Flies!

Wow, I really let time get away from me.  It has been pretty busy at work and home in recent weeks.
The good news is in a couple of weeks things should be back to normal.

I did find some great deals on some Darkest Africa stuff and even got most of it painted.  I am going to put them on the table for some Flying Lead action soon. 

Steve and I got in another day of gaming and our Hundred Years War campaign is rocking along.  Brittany got to fight a Free Company and took on the English in a slightly larger battle.  We are using Days of Knights rules by Chipco modified just a bit.  The map is from the boardgame Joan of Arc. 

 This is where we picked up from last time we played.  There are three turns a year Spring, Summer, and Fall. 

Steve sets up his army for the big battle. 

Brittany and a Free Company get stuck in. 

The battle lines close in for the crunch.  In the end Brittany could not pull it off but did come away with a bit of prestige for the capture of one of the English personalities.  No territory was gained however.       

The map at the end of the day after all the sieges and battles.  The forces are now spread all around France and the struggles for power and control  will begin in earnest.  

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