Sunday, October 26, 2014

Skirmish Gaming in the Hellfrost Setting

I have always been a fan of pregenerated fantasy worlds.  As a kid, I had the Greyhawk map on my wall as a poster. Next was the Forgotten Realms.  For a short period I was interested in Ghelspad.  These days I am a big fan of the Hellfrost setting from Triple Ace Games.  My miniature collection seems to fit in well there. 

Why use a setting in skrimish games?  Or in miniature games at all?  Personally, I like a story behind the fight.  Just a quick story to flesh out why this tabletop is worth fighting for.  In the Hellfrost setting there are so many seeds for conflict ideas.  There are all kinds of terrain ideas not just snow and ice.

So when playing a game of Song of Blades and Heroes, or Chain Reaction Swordplay, I like setting the scene in the Hellfrost setting.  The same is true when playing Rally Round the King or Pride of Lions.    

Having a story that sets the scene makes the game more enjoyable.  I gives it a cinematic feel.  I like that in my games.  As I mentioned earlier the Hellfrost setting has so many threads and plotlines that just about any conflict can be woven into a backstory. 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Red Sand Blue Sky With Rio Rancho Gamers

The other Ken came over for a game of Red Sand Blue Sky.  I broke out the old arena.  I was thinking back and this paper model is ten years old.  Also Red Sand Blue Sky was the first Two Hour Wargames game I ever played.  It was also the first game I ever ran at Mcon at the Red Lion in Austin.

In the first match I played a secutor and Ken played a murmillo.  We traded ineffective blows and caught our breath.   That was more important for me because I was ahead in burning bonus dice.  Next turn Fortuna was with me and I got in a good attack on the unshielded side of Ken's Murmillo and took him out.  The crowd was split on mercy but the editor was in a kinder mood, and Ken's murmillo was spared.

Next My murmillo went up against Ken's retiarius.  Ken was really on his game in this one.  His retiarius netted me and damaged my shield arm.  I managed to catch a breath next turn and then he finished me off with a vicious belly wound.

The rest of the evening was spent in great conversation about books and games and life in general.  Good times.  I play solo a bunch but the social aspect of games is always a great thing.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Joust on 9/5 With Rio Rancho Gamers

There were three of us to play Joust on Sept. 5th.  I cooked up a pot of gumbo and we ran several tilts.  Not really sure who came out on top but it was a good time.  Seemed like the other players took to the system easily enough.  We are going to kick out with a game of Red Sand Blue Skies: Heroes of the Arena this Friday 9/26.  Should be fun.

Also got a copy of Captains and Kings from Two Hour Wargames.  I already started making 100 Years War  Army Lists and began working on ideas for a campaign.  This is the tune up Montjoie has needed for years to bring it into line with the current Two Hour Wargames mechanics. This might be my new pet for a while.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Rio Rancho Escape at Ken's

Game Night at Ken's

One Off Games and Social Time for Rio Rancho Escape

September 5th 2014

I would like to have any one who interested over to play a game and perhaps discuss character generation and game stuff for Steamscapes a steampunk RPG.  I have a couple of things that are ready to go.  Not RPG just good tabletop fun.  Here are the choices so far.  I have tons of other stuff and can put something together pretty quick if these do not gab anyone's interest.    So here we go...

X-wing miniatures on a Cloud City map.  Couple of scenarios as time allows.  I have bunches of ships, plenty to go around.


It's like a Ren Faire in my living room.  Fun jousting action, once again I have knights for everyone with leftovers.  

Afterwards if anyone is interested we can talk about an upcoming game of Steamscapes.  Here is a quick teaser.  I posted some background stuff in the Files section of Rio Rancho Escape

Monday, July 21, 2014

Relocated once again

After settling into the man cave at Castle Rock, I ended up moving to New Mexico.  I found a local gaming group and went to a murder mystery dinner recently.  I am looking to play some games when things settle down a bit.  Here is a short list of some of the games I play.