Friday, July 6, 2012

Death Star in a day....sort of

I decided to make some modular terrain scaled for action figures.  I wanted an Imperial Base type terrain that I could use for installations, starship interiors etc...  I found some black photo boxes at Michael's and then printed out a bunch of decals on 8.5x11 shipping labels and stuck them to the boxes.

I got the background from diorama sites like Neinnumbs and Stormtrooper Eric's websites and the old google search.    the whole thing is modular and I used Terraclips to support the walls a little better.  I raided my bit container and made a haul at the dollar store, for consoles and stuff.  The round control stations are plumbing parts.  Really easy and one of my favorites.

I completed the whole thing in just over a day.  I ran out of printer ink, and then decided to add some additional consoles.  I ended up painting the cannon from my old 1977 Death Star Playset.  I want to try adding a seat to the cannon platform.

I have a game set up and will get a battle report up soon.  I am using Flying Lead with some modifications.   A group of Rebels is trying to disable the laser cannon on a orbital defense platform and disrupt communications with the planet surface so an attack can be made by ground forces.

I am hoping to play this weekend.  Lately I have been writing papers and doing projects for school.  But all work and no play can't go on forever.