Sunday, June 5, 2011


I have had a really busy few months. I have done some gaming, and some painting, but not a bunch of posting.  One thing that I have been working on is a Jousting game.  I decided to base it on the newest version of Red Sand Blue Sky (Legends of the Arena) from Two Hour Wargames.  Here is a quick first look.  I decided to use some large figures from Papo, Safari, and Schleich.

I did dozens of play-test jousts using Red and Blue GamesWorkshop Bretonian Knights.  Then with the near finished project I opted for the large figures.

The first contender was Sir Harald von Lowenburg.  In blue and yellow with a black lion as his heraldry.

The challenger was Sir Guy d'Anjou.  His heraldry was red with three gold fleur d'lis and inverted chevrons.

 Both took their places at opposite ends of the Tilt.  The first phase is the kick phase where the horses speed is determined. in this case both knights ended up moving at a run.  This will modify rolls in other phases.

The knights charged down the List,  and the Charge Phase was next. here the knight jockey for position and try to line up for the best strike.  Sir Harald had three more successes than sir Guy and so gained tow auto successes in the next phase.

The knights meet in the center of the List and lances are Splintered in the Clash Phase.  Despite the two successes he gained in the Charge Phase Sir Harald rolls poorly and gets a result of 1 more success than opponent.  Both knights roll on the Hit Location Chart and both roll a "6".  They hit each other in the chest.  Both are unhorsed, but Sir Guy also receives a result of bloodied.  Both score 5 points for unhorsing an opponent and both could remount and run another course.  However, Sir Guy decided to withdraw due to his injury.  Sir Harald gains 2 points for the withdraw and has a total of seven points.  He gains 1,000 florins for the horse and arms of his opponent and gets 10 Fame points.     

Both knights being unhorsed is a little unusual, and sometimes all three courses will be run.  This is really fun and I am considering running it at Mcon this year.  


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