Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Recent Games

Christmas vacation allowed me to get a game in.  I did the Battle of Poitiers using the Pride of Lions rules.  I like these rules as they are not too fiddly when it comes to movement, and there are a bunch of variables that allow for the creation of units based on capabilities without having a bunch of extra rules. 

Shooting seemed a little underwhelming.  The English longbows were just not that effective.  Perhaps I should have had more units.  I will have to fiddle with it and see.  I am also considering using 1 base per unit with casualty markers allowing more units in 28mm. 

Steve S. came in from San Antonio and we kicked off a great campaign using the map from the board game Joan of Arc.  We played at Great Hall Games here in Austin.  I am playing the French, Brittany and Burgundy.  Steve is playing England, Navarre, and Flanders.  We used a simple mechanic to play out sieges against unoccupied areas, and each force then fought an  800 point battle versus Free Companies to expand further.  This let us get back into things without having the main forces engage. 

France took a early lead but has enemies on all sides, so I am sure there will be losses coming at some point.  It really was great and Steve and I are looking forward to playing in the months ahead.  We are using the First edition Days of Knights rules, with some house rules thrown in.  A bunch of ideas from Ken Blackley's web site for Days of Knights.  I will put some photos up here soon.     

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