Friday, January 21, 2011

Mantes 1364

I started playing a scenario for Cry Havoc! but I am using the Song of Blades and Heroes rules.  I made a few modifications and some house rules.  It is playing great.  I ran this same scenario using Montjoie! from Two Hour Wargames at Owlcon in Houston several years ago.  It is a fun scenario, and really gives any rule set a workout.

I am still working on tweaking SBH to fit what I want to do here.  I will post an After Action Report later.  For now just a few photos of the First Turn or so.

This is Mantes... in my garage.

Du Guesclin and Clisson enter through the blocked gate.

The other side of the gate as the Franco-Bretons and the rebels attack the garrison.

The English and the Collaborators muster in the courtyard to repel the attack.

An English Sergeant Holds the side gate while a Spearman moves to close the portcullis

Two Rebel Peasants attack a Traitor Crossbowman.  I use the small poker chips to mark which units have been activated so far in a turn.

It is still early in the game, so no idea how it will work out.  Really fun so far.  The English Sergeant pushing back the first French Knight in the gate was great!

I had some problems with the video.   I hope there are no issues with the photos.

More, later.


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