Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Pulp Aley at Active Imagination 5/7/2017

Played a fun game of Pulp Alley at Active Imagination in Albuquerque on Sunday.  I brought my jungle terrain.  We played a scenario where our leagues were seeking a idol in the Amazon.  There was a league of Techno-Nazis vs a group of explorers.  The explorers just owned the game.  I got slaughtered but had a great time.  I think that is the mark of a good set of rules, if you can lose and have a great time.  The different die types reminded me of Savage Worlds.  The cards make things interesting as well.  I was doomed early on when my leader Ilsa Von Shtuup got attacked by a snake and could not figure out how the access the idol in font of her for several turns.

 The idol deep in the Amazon

Ilsa Von Shtuup watches helplessly as the explorers make off with the idol. 

Pics didn't come out very well with my iPad.  I got caught up playing and forgot to take many pics. 

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