Monday, August 18, 2014

Rio Rancho Escape at Ken's

Game Night at Ken's

One Off Games and Social Time for Rio Rancho Escape

September 5th 2014

I would like to have any one who interested over to play a game and perhaps discuss character generation and game stuff for Steamscapes a steampunk RPG.  I have a couple of things that are ready to go.  Not RPG just good tabletop fun.  Here are the choices so far.  I have tons of other stuff and can put something together pretty quick if these do not gab anyone's interest.    So here we go...

X-wing miniatures on a Cloud City map.  Couple of scenarios as time allows.  I have bunches of ships, plenty to go around.


It's like a Ren Faire in my living room.  Fun jousting action, once again I have knights for everyone with leftovers.  

Afterwards if anyone is interested we can talk about an upcoming game of Steamscapes.  Here is a quick teaser.  I posted some background stuff in the Files section of Rio Rancho Escape

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