Sunday, September 28, 2014

Red Sand Blue Sky With Rio Rancho Gamers

The other Ken came over for a game of Red Sand Blue Sky.  I broke out the old arena.  I was thinking back and this paper model is ten years old.  Also Red Sand Blue Sky was the first Two Hour Wargames game I ever played.  It was also the first game I ever ran at Mcon at the Red Lion in Austin.

In the first match I played a secutor and Ken played a murmillo.  We traded ineffective blows and caught our breath.   That was more important for me because I was ahead in burning bonus dice.  Next turn Fortuna was with me and I got in a good attack on the unshielded side of Ken's Murmillo and took him out.  The crowd was split on mercy but the editor was in a kinder mood, and Ken's murmillo was spared.

Next My murmillo went up against Ken's retiarius.  Ken was really on his game in this one.  His retiarius netted me and damaged my shield arm.  I managed to catch a breath next turn and then he finished me off with a vicious belly wound.

The rest of the evening was spent in great conversation about books and games and life in general.  Good times.  I play solo a bunch but the social aspect of games is always a great thing.

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