Sunday, May 13, 2012


I wanted to work on giving the Flying Lead/Flashing Steel Star Wars adaptation a couple of play tests.  I decided to focus on trying out a little more of the lightsaber combat.  Here is a synopsis of what went down.  Just for background a Jedi and a padawan had located a holocron and were instructed to rendezvous with a clone pilot in the area.  They are intercepted along the way and a lightsaber duel breaks out.

Game went went well my son was visiting from Austin and we played  and discussed the game.  We liked the way that the swashbuckling rules came into play.  The Dark Jedi was using lightsaber form VII and so had the murderous ability.  We took it that when she caused a fallen result against the Jedi that she could attack again.  That seemed the logical interpretation of the rule.  

I was still not completely happy with where I stand on vehicle weapons and some other weapons at the moment.  I am going to tweak the weapon chart a bit before I try out an armored vehicle on armored vehicle scenario.  I am looking forward to getting things where I want them for Tacticon in Denver this year.  

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  1. Thanks for sharing and keep it up. There's at least one person here who's enjoying it!