Monday, April 2, 2012

Knights Errant

Below is a battle report for a game using the adaptation for Flying Lead for the Star Wars universe.  I am still tinkering with the rules and will discuss a few points after the battle report.

Overall I was quite pleased with the game.  There were a couple of things I would consider changing.  I felt like the Padawan was perhaps too low in quality, and should perhaps have been Quality 3 Combat 2,     she did fail a few activations, and should perform better than your average Joe.

The droideka was also problematic.  Sprinter is not what I am looking for here, a double move only once per game is not it.  I think a change to Wheel formation and then long move is ok.  An action to change from wheeled to unlimbered and back and an action to activate shields and short move when unlimbered is good.

Also I was not happy with the armament on the droideka.  In the movies the shots were blocked by the Jedi, and the shields were nearly impenetrable.  I differentiate Blaster Cannons and Laser Cannons, the first being used as HE weapons and the latter as AT weapons as in the Flying Lead rules.

There is no deflecting the Blast (HE) shot, so this seemed troublesome.  I think I would stat the weapon as Medium Repeating Blasters Twin Linked.

 I give a +1 to weapons that are twin linked.  

The shield rules which I used the Force Field rule from MDRG, seemed a little underpowered.  I would change the roll fro 5+ to 3+ to better reflect the invulnerability of the shields.  Only against infantry type weapons and Blasts (HE)  no use against Laser Cannon (AT) fire.

Coming soon... A lightsaber duel and some armored vehicle combat!

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