Saturday, May 23, 2015

Summer Projects

Frequently on game related blogs you see various projects posted.  Painting projects, campaigns, and other types of gaming projects.  I fall victim to the same woes that many others in the hobby do.  Big ideas and never enough time to complete the things we want to do.  I decided to jump on the project bandwagon and at least gain a small sense of direction of how i want to spend my gaming time.  

I had a ton of options.  There are so many different ideas an games that I could choose from.  I decided to pick three.  These are things that I really want to play right now and things that I want to work on hobby wise during the summer months.

First is the Flying Lead: Star Wars conversion I have been working on.  With the New Star Wars movie being released at the end of the year, Star Wars related games are high on my list.  I want to do some narrative campaign gaming using several different sets of rules.  Key will be some man to man skirmishes using the Flying Lead rules.  I will also use some other rules sets for bigger battles and space battles.  

Next is a Hellfrost setting game.  I have a campaign in mind centered around the war in Vestmark and Orcmark.  I am planning on using Song of Blades and Heroes and Pride of Lions rules.  I am basically using the Hellfrost setting with a different rules set.  I have in mind a series of linked scenarios that tie in some roleplaying, some skirmish battles and some larger scale battles.  

Lastly I want to bring out the heart of my collection which has been languishing for a couple of years.  My 100 Years War collection has not seen much action in recent years.    I am looking to bring it out for a few games with a twist.  I am adding demonic and angelic forces to the mix.  “The Black Prince” Edward Plantagenet has made an unholy pact with “The Fiend” to rule France.  He is opposed by the French King Jean “Le Bon”, the Good and the forces of Light.  The Burgundians are aided in their plans for supremacy by undead forces.  Charles “le Mal” the Bad of Navarre has also made a pact with demonic forces.  Coming to the aid of France are the rich nobles of Flanders and the forces of Brittany which have turned to Fey allies to held turn back the tide of evil.  

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