Monday, August 20, 2012

Star Wars Game Day

Had a great Star Wars Game Day with my brother Paul on Saturday.    We Started off with the board game Assult on Hoth.  Paul played the Rebellion Ground Forces, his son, my nephew, Aaron played the Snowspeeders, and I was the Imperial Commander.  The game was great fun.  I managed to get one AT-AT down to the shield generator, but the fifth Transport got away before I was able to fire on it.

Our game played very similar to the events in the movie. Aaron did get reinforcement snowpeeders right at the very beginning which was very useful.  Luke was of little use, his force enhanced rolls were flops. Card driven unit activation makes the games suspenseful, and you just never know when those transports are going to get away.

Next my brother and I played Star Wars Flying Lead.  We played a Gunfight at the Dewback Corral scenario.  There was a small portion of Mos Eisley set up complete with a pen of Dewbacks.  The forces of Jabba the Hutt set out to confront some hired hands of rival crime boss Lady Valarian.

Jabba's goons included a couple of Gammoreans, and a couple of his skiff guards and had the edge in close combat weapons.  One skiff guard held off a flanking move by taking out a couple of foes who moved around behind a building on the edge of the battle.  We used a special rule Gunfighter, which id the firing portion of Combat Fiend.   We let Combat Fiend apply to hand to hand and Gunfighter does the same for ranged attacks.

I had a couple of Gran who did well and managed to shoot up Ephant Mon and whittle down his Tough.  He ended up being Shaken and had problems trying to recover.  One of my spaceport scum was able to jump out and put him out of his misery.  Things went downhill for Jabba's men from there.  Someone will have to report the failure to The Great one.  That someone will most likely end up as Rancor chow.

I didn't get many pictures but will try to cobble together a battle report and post it soon.

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