Saturday, February 12, 2011

SBH Witch Hunter game

I played a a game of SBH using a Witch Hunter Warband and Witch and her pumpkin themed minions.

This was sort of inspired from the Savage Worlds Solomon Kane game and Witch Hunter the Invisible World.

Dramatis Personae:

                                                        The Witch Hunters

Barnabas Thorne  (Witchfinder)

Q 3+   C5
Fearless, Leader, Paladin, Shooter: Medium

Manfred von Griffenburg

Q 3+  C4
Combat Master, Shooter Medium

Constable Jacob Hanby

Q 4+  C3

Brutus (Watchdog)

Q 4+ C3

Father Guido Sarducchi

Q 4+ C3

Pitor Sergeiovich Kandinsky

Q 4+ C4
Sharpshooter, Shooter: Long

                                                       Elise the Witch and her Pumpkin Minions
Elise the Witch

Q 3+  C2
Flying, Leader, Magic-User

Pumpkin Minions

Q 4+ C3
Artificial, Entangle, Slow

Rotpatch the Pumpkin Golem

Q 4+  C4
Artificial, Big, Slow, Tough

Pumpkin Swarm

Q 3+  C0
Free Disengage, Short Move, Swarm

The brave band of witch hunters sets out to investigate claims that a witch living in an abandoned tower is blighting crops in the area.  The group is traveling  down the road under the shadows of the tower near a small farm.  They spot some animated pumpkins and a large pumpkin golem in the distance.  

The Witch Hunters win initiative and continue down the road toward the tower. 

 Pitor jumps the wall into the vineyard and the Pumpkin Swarm closes in on him.  

Elise flies down from the tower on her broom and the minions fail to act once out from under her watchful eyes.

Pitor takes careful aim at the approaching golem and rolls three failures.  The flint has come loose on his musket,  the pumpkin swarm closes in on him and gets ready attack him.   Constable Jacob Hanby rushes to his aid destroying a swarm of pumpkins and brandishing axe and torch chases the other swarm off after they fail 2 of 3 morale dice.  

Barnabas moves to close the distance to the witch and take a shot at her,  he manages to move closer but the shot misses and strikes the rocks near her.  Manfred closes the distance with the golem.  The dog Brutus stops and sniffs the air.  

Elise moves to aid her creation Rotpatch and attempts to summon tendrils from the earth to transfix Brutus but his quickness saves him.

The pumpkin minions move down the hill except for one which seems to have no desire join in the fray.  
Brutus growls and rushes Elise grabbing her arm in his jaws scoring a knocked down result.  Barnabas charges forward and strikes the witches head from her shoulders.  Rotpatch seeing the death of Elise turns to flee and is knocked down by Manfred.  The pumpkin minions fail morale and run off the board or disintegrate into a pile of vegetable material.   The last swarm bounces and rolls into the distance.

 Manfred hacks Rotpatch to pieces as he writhes on the ground.  The Witch Hunters have exacted justice on a nefarious witch and her evil minions.  Perhaps now the crops will prosper and a cold hungry winter can be avoided.  

Epilogue:  The heroes search the witches tower and find thirty pieces of gold.  Exploring the area they come across a magic well.  Barnabas is against the idea but Manfred convinces him that it is a blessed well and they each throw a coin in.  It seems that they wasted 6 good coins since Constable Hanby tossed one in for Brutus.  

The farmer who lived next to the tower came out of hiding and told the Hunters that he saw the Grave-digger from the local town along with a big fellow, visiting the witch on several occasions.   Barnabas guesses he must be supplying her with bones to cast her spells.  The Hunters decide to head into Lindorf to pay a visit to the Grave-digger.



  1. very cool, now I know I need a warband of pumpkin men

  2. Cool - and a very nice report... Where is the witch and the rest of her retinue from???

  3. The witch and her retinue are all Reaper Miniatures

  4. Cool battle report, and whole idea of using the pumpkins adds a really nice bit of flavor to the whole scenario.

  5. I expect to see these figures in your Breton vanguard during our next DOK campaign game.